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Blocked gutters and down pipes can lead to interior and external building damage due to damp and water ingress. This in turn can lead to costly repairs to your home or business premises. Getting your gutters cleaned can help prevent this type of problem occuring.

Quite a high percentage of insurance claims for flood damage inside of houses are due to gutters that have become blocked, so having your gutters regularly cleaned can save you money.


If your gutters become blocked then water will start to overflow down the walls of your building and even into the foundations at ground level. This will eventually lead to dampness and even structural problems.

In order to combat and prevent these types of problems occuring, Munro Exterior Cleaning can provide an effective and affordable gutter cleaning service using the very latest gutter vacuum system that will leave your property with clean, trouble free gutters.

Regular maintenance will certainly save you money in the long term.


If your gutters are blocked or if you seem to be having dampness problems caused by gutters overflowing then give us a call. Where necessary we can use our pole mounted camera to survey your gutters before and after cleaning to ensure they are cleaned properly.

Being able to reach gutters high up means that we can clean gutters without the unnecessary expense of using scaffold towers or cherry pickers, or risking possible injury from by using ladders.

We offer competitive rates and are fully insured. So give us a call today on 07766 557462 or 01308 897297


Just some of the jobs we have worked on using our Gutter Vac machine and using other traditional gutter cleaning techniques

TEL: 07766 557461 or 01308 897297

We can be contacted via phone or email for a FREE QUOTATION or arrange an appointment to discuss your requirements related to any of our cleaning services.
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We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with our work then please contact us and we will rectify the problem.