As a progressive window cleaning company, many of the windows we clean are done cleaned using our high reach 'Water Fed Pole' system which is fast becoming the most efficient and effective window cleaning method now used by professional window cleaners.

This system involves the use of telescopic poles and that deliver 100% pure water, which is achieved through a de-ionisation process. 

Through the use of our 'high reach' water fed poles we can reach heights of up to 65 feet which enables us to avoid the use of ladders or hiring expensive platform equipment such as 'cherry pickers' which are often used for commercial window cleaning.

Conservatory roof cleaning


The vast majority of conservatory roofs can be cleaned safely from ground level with our telescopic water fed poles.

Using pure de-ionised water, our long reach water fed pole system can deliver the water safely and effecively to clean and remove most of the dirt from your conservatory roof.

If stubborn stains remain we will ensure they are removed  to achieve a perfectly clean finish to your glass conservatory roof. This will reduce the possibility of any damage that could occur through mould penetrtaing seals in your conservatory roof framework.

For this reason, as well as appearance, regular cleaning is recommended.


Without regular cleaning once or twice a year the output of your solar panels will start to reduce quite significantly. This is because solar panels are exposed to the elements,  and just like windows they can be prone to getting dirty and covered in grime, bird droppings and residue from other contributing factors. Therefore regular cleaning is essential to ensure their effectiveness, especially if they are exposed to dusty conditions or close to the sea where salt crystals can accumulate on their surface.

Our solar panel cleaning service, which is available to both residential and commercial customers, can provide you with an effective and affordable solution to ensure you retain the maximum savings you can expect from your solar panel installation.


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